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With You Every Step of the Way

Assessment begins with a comprehensive interview to better understand your child/adolescent and what you would like to explore and understand. This is typically performed over the phone, a tele-health appointment, or in-person.

Testing is conducted in-office.  Fatigue and effort will be carefully observed to determine when breaks are needed and if an additional day of testing is necessary to optimize results. Dr. Bodzy offers a flexible approach to testing length to meet the needs of each person or family. All testing is performed by Dr. Bodzy. Preliminary results will be provided the same day if possible. 


Review of in-depth results and discussion regarding treatment and interventions to include an action plan occurs on a separate day, typically within a few days. Collaboration is essential to inform the comprehensive report that follows soon after the feedback session. Coordination with teachers and providers, including 504/IEP meeting attendance as needed, is a part of the assessment process to ensure a smooth transition of services/recommendations.  Dr. Bodzy is available during or after the process to answer any questions and help bridge the assessment results and needed accommodations with schools and services needed in the community, within an agreed upon schedule. This concierge model enables each family to have all of their needs met beyond simply a report. We will work together to develop a plan for your child/adolescent to be the most successful in life. 

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